Growing up in Belfast in the 70s, the FOS brothers fuse an eclectic mix of their own original songs with traditional Irish sensibilities flavoured liberally with Floydian/Genesis/Horslipian spices.

Their mix of drums, percussion loops and samples and soaring guitars and bass, delight festival and venue audiences and that’s even before they start singing!

March 2017 saw the release of their CD ‘Clear Again’ featuring many guest musicians who have worked with the band over the years (Sarah Jory, Ted Duggan, Leon Hunt and Jon strong) The CD was mastered by Simon Heyworth who is noted as co-producer of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells and many King Crimson Albums.

FOS Brothers will be performing as a 4 piece band during 2020 with occasional guests Martin Cradick (mandolin and percussion) and Paul Sax (violin player from Curved Air)

The line up is :
Sam McCrory – Vocals, Guitar
Dave McCrory – Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals
Rom Dobbs – Drums, percussion, samples and loops
Pete Bingham – Bass, Vocals