Crowdy-Kit is a brand new project for Hannah Cumming, Jon Dyer and Matt Norman. 

The idea of the band is very simple: To play good traditional tunes in a way that makes people want to get up and dance. Hannah’s fiddle provides the drive, Matt’s piano the rhythm and Jon’s flute provides that special sparkle that brings it all together.  While firmly rooted in the tradition they bring influences of Jazz, Blues and Quebecois making a sound which is rich and varied but always perfect for ceilidh dancing.

Hannah Cumming has been playing fiddle for dances for almost as long as she can remember. With Jon and their siblings she played in Dyer Cummings making their festival debut when she was in her early teens. She has developed a style of fiddle playing which is full of the energy and drive needed for dance. She is now a well know dance musician, singer, caller and teacher. Other Projects: Hannah Cumming and Jon Dyer, Zeffe, Antler Ceilidh Band, Dyer Cummings

Jon Dyer also cut his teeth in Dyer Cummings playing flute, bass and guitar. In Crowdy-Kit he plays flute on which he has developed a sound which is full of lift and agility. Jon is well known in the Westcountry as a musician caller and teacher. Other Projects: Hannah Cumming and Jon Dyer, Gadarene, Antler Ceilidh Band, Dyer Cummings

Matt Norman has been playing for ceilidhs for many years on mandolin, fiddle and most recently on piano. He is also making a name for himself as a contra-dance and social-dance musician. Other Projects: Gadarene, Bristol Ceilidh Quartet, Fairytale Ceilidhs.

Crowdy-Kit: Westcountry Dialect, a small bowed instrument or fiddle.