Teaching video

As part of our Room for All project, we have produced this teaching resource to help teachers lead a simple dance class based around KS2 learners.

The step by step guide contains all you need to structure, develop and deliver a session based around greetings.

Teacher feedback

Karen Sequeira from St George’s Junior School: “The 30 children who took part in the Room for All Dance project had a fantastic enriching experience.

“I was impressed with how the professional dancers engaged with the pupils, immediately making them feel that they could succeed in, what was for some, a new way of self expression. The themes of inclusivity and respect for other cultures were very well received and children were able to understand their importance in wider life.

“As staff we saw how well the pupils responded to the project and we are able to carry on lots of the ideas and techniques in our future teaching.”

Student feedback

My favourite thing was:

> Learning how to make a fish with my hands

> The poem dance

> Doing good dance moves

> Taking part

> The people

> Balancing

> That we could dance freely

> Having fun

The most interesting part was:

> Dancing with my friends

> Learning about different dances

> Pretending to be a bird

> Learning how to dance – I couldn’t before

> Making up our own dance

> Dancing emotions

> How many different dances there are

> The friendship dance

Other comments:

> It was the best

> It was really fun

> It was awesome

> It was special

> I made new friends

> It didn’t matter if you got it wrong

> A great opportunity

> It was fun but we still worked

Film produced by: Media Active

Dance artists: Sonia Sabri, Rachel Leggit and Poppy Mansfield.

Schools: Chirbury Primary School, Gobowen Primary School and St George’s Junior and Radbrook Primary in Shrewsbury.

  • Room for All is funded by the festival, supported by a £95,000 investment from Arts Council England and a £1,000 Arts Revenue Grant from Shropshire Council