Renowned musicians Steve Knightley (Show of Hands), Johnny Kalsi (The Dhol Foundation), Eliza Marshall (Ranagri), and Bennett Cerven (The Trouble Notes), unite to form ‘Dream in Colours’.

Celebrated singer-songwriter and former Show of Hands frontman, Steve Knightley, known for his soul-stirring melodies and evocative storytelling, is thrilled to announce the formation of a new festival band, Dream in Colours. This extraordinary ensemble of musical talents promises a unique and captivating festival journey that transcends boundaries of race, age, and background, to deliver some of the most exciting and uplifting global roots music of the decade.

Dream in Colours unites the song writing prowess of Steve Knightley, the mesmerizing percussion skills of Johnny Kalsi, the virtuosic violin performances by Bennett Cerven and the renowned flute melodies of Eliza Marshall. Their enchanting fusion encompasses dance rhythms, anthemic songs, trance grooves, and world music heartbeats.

“I am incredibly excited to introduce Dream in Colours to music lovers worldwide,” shared Knightley. “Our fusion of trance, rhythmic beats, and world music grooves creates a sonic tapestry that invites audiences to let loose, embrace the rhythms, and celebrate together. With the exceptional talents of Bennett, Eliza, and Johnny, we aim to transport listeners on a rhythmic journey that sparks joy and connection.”