Ladysmith Black Mambazo are one of the world’s greatest and most distinctive vocal groups. For over sixty years the legendary acappella male choir have invoked the soul of South Africa with their intricate rhythms and harmonies and joyously energetic performances.

Since they shot to global stardom on Paul Simon’s Graceland album, Mambazo have been recognised as one of the world’s great vocal groups.

Mambazo sing powerful uplifting songs – Nelson Mandela called them “South Africa’s cultural ambassadors”.

“Truly great singing, balancing soulful ballads and traditional dance songs with exquisite and perfectly timed harmony work” (Guardian)

“Gorgeous harmonies from the South African vocal ensemble, best known for their work with Paul Simon on Graceland. Though they sing entirely a cappella, their songs have a rhythmic spring, and their dance moves are light-footed and elegant” (Daily Telegraph)

“With their cheeky scissor-kicks, Ladysmith Black Mambazo were pretty spry for a 60-year-old choral group. Their line-up has evolved… but the South Africans’ close-knit harmonies are just as faultless as they were on Paul Simon’s Graceland, which, in 1986, brought them international fame.” (★★★★☆ Telegraph)