HEISK, the vibrant and captivating six-piece folk band, redefine the traditional music landscape by infusing Scottish roots with contemporary energy and a commitment to gender diversity.

United by a resolute mission to amplify the voices of women and gender minorities in the traditional music scene, HEISK’s journey is an inspiring narrative of musical excellence, diversity, and empowerment.

Formed by a shared love for Scottish traditional music and a desire to foster greater gender representation, HEISK embarked on their musical odyssey. Their debut self-titled album served as a groundbreaking testament to their vision. A collaboration with a diverse ensemble of exceptionally talented women, ranging from musicians and engineers to PR specialists, photographers, agents, and managers, this album wasn’t just a collection of tracks but a resounding statement of female empowerment. Beyond their studio recordings, HEISK are renowned for their capacity to deliver an electrifying and commanding live show, securing their status as a must-see fixture on the festival circuit.

Their most recent project goes beyond music creation; it involves an ambitious mentoring program to develop opportunities for underrepresented young women and gender minorities. This program encompasses various areas of the music industry, from recording and producing to mixing, instrumental performance, marketing, business, and live shows. Notably, this mentoring program follows the production of HEISK’s second album, from recording to release, showcasing their dedication to empowering the next generation of musicians while continuing to break new ground in traditional Scottish folk music.

★★★★ – The Scotsman

★★★★ – Songlines

“Unsurprisingly bold, full of energy, and impeccably played.” – Northern Sky

“The results speak for themselves. HEISK is a wonderful album.” – At The Barrier


  • Electro Harp / Becca Skeoch
  • Keys / Catriona Hawksworth
  • Kit / Lauren Macdonald
  • Accordion / Megan MacDonald
  • Fiddle / Sally Simpson
  • Fiddle / Isla Callister